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“I’m a dog owner for the last 10 years, and I am very passionate about it. I’ve always been interested in what they eat, how they are cared for when we’re not around, and all those little things that make them happy. My empathy has allowed me to understand my dog’s requirements better than most people can. And because of this understanding, I have helped many dogs find their forever homes with loving families over the years.” ~Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker has owned many pets in the past many years. Having been surrounded by furry friends for most of her teenage and adult life, she is not only knowledgeable but taking care of pet dogs and feeding them is exceptionally close to her heart.

Her passion is to make this world a safe place for every dog out there. But since she can’t adopt every dog from the shelter or take on the task alone, she used to help her neighbors and relatives with their dogs, so at least pet dogs can live a quality life.

 Dogs are the most loyal beings humans can ever come across. Sarah thinks every dog deserves special treatment, and they deserve the best in life. It wouldn’t be wrong to treat dogs as royals and take care of every minor and major issue these fun-filled furry creatures may face.

 Therefore, along with other experienced writers, Sarah has come together to help other dog owners with their pet issues.

 She firmly believes that having a dog pet with no experience can become a nuisance. Based on her extensive experience with dogs of different breeds, she is set to facilitate everyone out there who pets a dog. Hence the website ‘Dog Food Desire’ came into existence.

 This website aims to answer the most frequently asked questions and address some common issues amongst dogs. Dogs Food Desires also brings you a complete guide on how to pick dog food, presenting you with a wide range of dog food brands that you can choose from according to your pup’s preference and health.

 Don’t let your poodle suffer in any way. Give them the best dog food, health care, and a triumphant life so they can spend much more quality time next to you. The best kind of treatment would only bring out a livelier and playful side of your dog. And if you take care of your canine friend, they’ll take care of you in return. 

You can reach me at my email address which is [email protected]